July release notes: Success factors of a team

We are pleased to release Umano 1.1.0, which includes some big changes to the way we analyse our data and the insights we are able to generate from this.


What’s new

Success factors of a team

A combination of feedback from our first users and our own ongoing research made us realise that we need to be more specific with what we analyse and WHY this is important. It was just not clear enough. In early May, we started isolating a set of factors for a successful Software Development team.

What we present today is the first step for teams using Jira Scrum Boards, with set of refined Process success factors. We started with Process based on a hypothesis that decisions you can make to improve a team’s process will have a direct influence on the team’s performance and therefore outputs. So far, we have utilised our existing data set to surface two new factors which influence a teams progress.

  • Consistency of Progress
  • Sufficiency of Progress

Consistency of Progress

Consistency of Progress measures the ability of a team to complete work at a consistent rate. it allows teams to plan more accurately and replicate their approach.

This is measured by;

  • Amount of story points completed on a given day
  • Average amount of story points completed per day


Our process was pretty consistent in May, however…

Sufficiency of Progress

Sufficiency of Progress is the likelihood that on a specific day  a team will meet their commitments based on their current progress. Understanding current rate of process allows teams to manage expectations early with regard to completing tasks on time.

This is measured by:

  • Amount of story points completed on a given day
  • Average amount of story points required in order to meet commitments

…the progress we made was not even close to complete our set goals!

Focussing on teams

The rollout of the new success factors starts with a focus on teams, this will gradually incorporate individuals and groupings of people again.


The focus was on the work for the new success factors, we did, however, find time to implement;

  • Improvements to our session based authentication
  • Minor UI bug fixes

What’s next

We will be rolling out our new success factors in the coming months, these will be released as soon as they are ready. Keep an eye on our blog, or subscribe to our newsletter if you want to know what is coming.

You can participate in our research and help us to determine which success factors are most important for Software Development teams. Please email info@umano.tech for more details.