June Release Notes: Sprint Based Metrics

It has been a while since our last release notes. It might have been quiet here with new releases, but the efforts of work have been tremendous. Besides the work covered in this post, we have been working on a custom project, more about that at in a few weeks.

What’s new

This release includes an overhaul of the way Umano is presenting the metrics from daily scores to sprint based Success Factors.

Sprint-based Succes Factors

One of the most recurring questions was ‘when’ teams should use Umano. The daily scores allowed a team to look at new results every day. The saying, “less is more”, was a valid statement in this case. Giving teams an allocated moment in their process to review back is not new. Teams following scrum are reflecting back to improve on their practises every sprint with the Sprint Retrospective. Umano fits naturally within the Retrospective. It is a new objective angle helping a team to see hidden inefficiencies or confirm the assumed ones.

Success Factor – Review Speed

The data that tells the story of a sprint

Besides seeing the data linked to a teams cycle each Success Factors now shows the underlying activities or events. The first released two are Pull Request Review Speed which shows each reviewed PR (approved/declined) of a sprint, and the timeframe it took from creation to the first review. PR Size shows the number of lines added and/or removed. Each Success Factor surfaces the outliers (longest review, largest size) first, Umano is hereby enabling a conversation about the PR’s that matter.

Success Factor – PR Size

What’s next

We are rolling out more Success Factors in the coming weeks, so far we have planned;

  1. Communication Balance
  2. Completed Work
  3. Sprint Stability
  4. Responsiveness

Keep an eye on our blog, or subscribe to our mailing list if you want to know what’s coming. We’d love to hear which Success Factors are important for your software development team – email paulus@umano.tech for more details.