November Release Notes: Improved Overtime Navigation

One of the many benefits of working with data is that over time you collect a lot of it. This allows you to see trends and the impacts decisions have on a longer period. The difficult side of this is that with more data it becomes harder to navigate yourself through this.

What’s new

Our latest update to Umano is overcoming this problem and brings back the clarity for data presented over a period of 30 days or more.

Dynamic and smaller intervals
The overtime graph is now moving in dynamic and smaller intervals. On the standard 30day view the interval of going back or forward is a single week. This improves the context when reviewing the data over a longer period of time. When the presented data range is extended the intervals will adjust to match this by moving in weeks, fortnights or whole months.

Most teams we are working with have their ceremonies on fixed days of the week, in our own case this is Retrospectives and Sprint Planning on Mondays and Showcase on Fridays. To make it easier to spot trends for all Mondays or Fridays, all corresponding days are highlighted together when reviewing a specific day.


We published prototypes in the product to get feedback on ideas aimed to champion team leads in their role. If you want to be part of the new roll-outs and give your feedback, please email and we will be in touch for the next round.


Teams whereby the team members haven’t been onboarded yet where missing out on more than the Behavioural factors through a misconfiguration.

The overnight analysis time has been reduced by 70% through efficiencies in the code base and how the calculations are run.

What’s next

We are currently working on building the first steps to allow teams to set up, and amend their own projects. This is planned to be released early 2019. Keep an eye on our blog, or subscribe to our mailing list if you want to know what is coming.