September Release Notes: Creating projects

The releases of this month bring us closer to the fully self-manageable SaaS product we strive to be. Where Umano’s architecture was already up to scratch, our users still relied on us setting up their projects. Step-by-step we are removing our manual dependencies.

What’s new

Creating an account

Teams now have the ability to sign up for Umano (this is free between September & December 2019!) via A great step forward for teams that are ready to explore a data-informed way of working.

Creating projects

Supporting an ever-changing working environment where teams and squads change shape, start and stop initiatives all in short notice. Umano now supports these rapid changes by allowing teams to create their own projects and select the Jira boards, Confluence pages, Bitbucket repositories and Slack Channels.

For full details see Umano Support for the step-by-step process to onboard your projects and teams.

What’s next

We are currently working to fully automate the signup and registration process to allow teams to see their insights faster!