August Release Notes: Speed of Review

We are pleased to release Umano 1.2.0 which includes a new success factor and updates to existing success factors to help projects improve their performance.

What’s new

Speed of Review

Building upon Consistency and Sufficiency of Progress in our last release, projects are now able to monitor their Speed of Review through Umano.

Speed of Review measures how quickly a project team reviews and responds to pull requests. A project’s Speed of Review affects their ability to deliver software: if review speed is slow, the context is lost for the author.

Speed of Review is the first of a series of factors measuring a project’s technical processes, including practices relating to code commits, pull requests, code reviews, and continuous integration.

Improved Progress Measurement

Umano’s Consistency and Sufficiency of Progress factors previously relied on the Story Points field in JIRA in order to measure a project’s progress. This meant that projects who didn’t use the Story Points field weren’t able to receive feedback on their progress.

We’ve updated Umano’s progress factors so that projects using Time Estimates instead of Story Points are able to receive feedback on their progress.

What’s next

We will be rolling our new success factors in the coming months, these will be released as soon as they are ready. Keep an eye on our blog, or subscribe to our mailing list if you want to know what is coming.

We’d love to hear which success factors are important for your software development team – email for more details.