July Release Notes: Success Factors to cover all aspects of a sprint

July was a great month, our cycle time was shorter and we were able to release an additional 4 new Success Factors.

What’s new

The releases this month were focussed on rolling out new Success Factors as indicated in our June Release Notes.

Information flow metrics

How information flows in a sprint or organisation tells a story of culture, inclusiveness and transparency. Umano is now spotting trends on a team’s communication Responsiveness to indicate the timeliness of communication and Communication Balance of communication. The distribution of online communication is a proxy of how well people or included.

Who are the key contributors to your team’s communication?


How timely is the information flow within a sprint?

Workflow metrics

An additional two workflow metrics are now available to widen the view on the workflow of a sprint. In July we released  Review Speed and PR Size covering progress through the lens of Pull Requests. Sprint Stability and Completed work are indicators of the planned work in a sprint.

Are we consistently delivering, and what are the bottlenecks to complete a sprint?


How well is a team able to commit to a stable set of sprint scope?